I woke up this weekend to a dew kissed morning with a beautiful sunrise and a crispness in the air that was in the wake of a cold front that had come through the night before.  The coffee tastes just that much richer when drank on a front porch on such a morning.  It was the kind of morning I have felt dozens of times before at the annual Walnut Valley Music Festival in Winfield.  Kids are back in school and it is festival season.

Festivals are an excellent way to experience a number of things in one location.  The sights, sounds, and smells can be exhilarating, interesting, and attractive.  Most festivals include a combination of entertainment, education, activities, food, shopping, and beverages designed to offer something for the whole family.  Festivals are a way to celebrate the changing of the seasons and the great communities we live in.  If you are an artisan, cook, or entertainer, these events provide a great opportunity to share you gifts with others in a relaxed and accommodating atmosphere where patrons come to you.  Who knows where visits with festival goes will lead?

There will be hundreds of festivals statewide and there will be several in our local area.  Among the festivals to enjoy locally include:

All of these great events welcome you as a spectator and participant.  Not only do I recommend you attend these festivals, to the extent that you have time, volunteer to help put the events on.  Each of these events have dedicated and hardworking volunteers who are behind the scenes making these festivals a success.  I applaud their efforts to bring enjoyment to the lives of others.  Cheers and enjoy the festivities.