James D. Holland Executive Director

James D. Holland
Executive Director

I previously mentioned that the festival season is upon us.  As I hope many of you have, I’ve been taking in a healthy dose of live music.  Even though my family didn’t make the pilgrimage to the Walnut Valley Festival (Winfield) this year, we enjoyed the live music at the “Trails, Rails, and Tales” celebration and experienced the two Bonebrake Concert Series shows at the Great Plains Theatre.  This coming weekend is the Enterprise Fall Festival with live music, and on October 1st, there will be live music at the 38th Annual Chisholm Trail Days at the Dickinson County Historical Society.  The next Bonebrake Concert Series show will be Tim & Myles Thompson on Fri, October 21st.

Regardless of your taste in music, live music is good for the soul.  The timing and beat of music mimics the rhythm of your beating heart and marks the times of our lives.  We all have those songs that bring us back to a time and place where in our mind’s eye  we are with our friends and loved ones.  It may also remind you of the first time you did something, met someone, or experienced a place.  I saw this recently at the Chamber Business After Hours at the Great Plains Theatre.  There were several people who praised the facility and admitted they had never been in the theatre before.  They stepped out of their normal routine and discovered a place they may like to visit more often.  Likewise, during the Brandon Jenkins concert at the theatre, several people indicated that it was their first time watching live music in that location.  Live music and the setting etched memories that will last.

These are the moments life is made of.  Even though tailgating and attending a sporting event may be habit for many (just like going to the Walnut Valley Festival), for others it is an unforgettable experience.  My advice…  turn off the television, iPad, laptop, iPod, and gaming system.  Get out there and experience an event you’ve never been to.  Because while screens may be in HD, building life experiences activates the HD of your mind and memories, which no technology can fully replicate.  At least not yet.