Members are encouraged to get involved in the following committees. Committees have a specific focus, each of which is designed to increase commerce, market our members, share Abilene to the world, and improve business management. If you would like more information or would like to get involved, contact the Chamber staff at (785) 263-1770 or by email. The standing committees are as follows:

Agriculture Committee – Agricultural production is our region’s fundamental industry. The Agriculture Committee consists of agriculture producers, suppliers, and service providers. The goal of the committee is to facilitate training, networking, youth development, producer recognition, and market development. Committee members should have a strong fundamental understanding of modern agriculture and a vision of how local producers can stay on the cutting edge of the industry and its many facets.

New Resident Committee – The New Resident Committee’s function is to promote the Abilene area as a great place to live, work, and play. This may be accomplished through marketing, personal outreach, networking, and guiding the Chamber’s “Abilene For Life” initiative. Committee members should have some insight into what real world factors bring people to live in the area and how to showcase or target those factors.

Events Committee – The Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce organizes, sponsors, and promotes a number of community events designed to generate commerce, promote member businesses, and foster a sense of community. These efforts require committee members who are creative, organized, a team player, and have great follow through.

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Marketing Committee – One of the Chamber’s primary value is to market member businesses and the community. The Marketing Committee will work to implement new effective ways to promote member businesses and strengthen those efforts already in place. This includes managing signs, digital media, print media, radio, and other messages generated by the Chamber on behalf of its membership.

Business Seminar Committee – Fostering better business practices and innovation is a key component of a healthy local business community. Providing opportunities for our members to develop business management skills in a clear and concise format is vital to community development. The Business Seminar Committee identifies relevant training topic, organizes training events and resources, disseminates training information, and evaluates existing and on-going training efforts.