Abilene Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

Contact Person: Tonya Mills
Address: 103 NW 15th
City: Abilene
State: KS
ZIP: 67410
Phone: (785) 263-3646
Email: abilenept@sbcglobal.net
Web Address: http://www.abileneptsportsrehab.com/

APT Staff July 2016Move Well, Live Well.  At Abilene Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation it is our mission:

  • To provide the highest quality care available in the community.
  • To become the local leader in Preventative, Pro Active health in Abilene and surrounding areas.
  • To educate the community through educational seminars, screenings & wellness education.

“Our goal at Abilene Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab is to help and educate people who have injuries, illnesses or conditions that can benefit from modern physical therapy methods and techniques. It is so rewarding to see people improve and get them back to their healthy lifestyles.” Tonya Mills, PT