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  • Abilene Bucks Program

  • About the Abilene Bucks Program

    Did you know that the Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce offers the Abilene Bucks Program, which is designed to foster local spending while promoting Chamber member businesses and organizations.  Here are a few commonly asked questions about the program.

    What are Abilene Bucks?

    Abilene Bucks are checks purchased at face value that make great gifts for customers, employees, family, friends and anyone for whom you are purchasing a gift for.  Abilene Bucks are accepted as cash at all businesses and organizations that are members of the Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce.  The use of Abilene Bucks encourages spending in local merchants, thereby retaining commerce in the community.

    Where can I get Abilene Bucks?

    Abilene Bucks may be purchased at the Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce office in denominations of $10 and $25 at face value with no additional cost.  Abilene Bucks are available to purchase in person at:

    Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce, 201 NW 2nd Street, Abilene, Kansas 67401

    How can my business participate in the Abilene Bucks Program?

    By virtue of Chamber membership, your business may participate in the Abilene Bucks Program at no cost.  Your business will be listed on the Chamber website as a participant and the list accompanies each Abilene Bucks purchase.  This reflects your support for local commerce and is FREE advertising.

    For additional information on the Abilene Bucks Program, contact the Chamber office at: (785) 263-1770 or via email at

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