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  • Top 10 Benefits for Chamber Members

  • 1. Free Educational Seminars and Lunch & Learns

    Connect with other businesses and learn at the same time with one of the Chamber’s educational seminars. Members can socialize and establish relationships with one another, while at the same time teaching each other and creating a more well-rounded business atmosphere.

    2. Visibility and Unique Marketing Opportunities

    As a Chamber Member, your business will be exposed to a wider audience of business owners and decision makers. The Chamber is always finding new ways to promote commerce in the Abilene area. Whether it's through Abilene Bucks, Business After Hours Events, Fundraising Events, Digital Advertising, Member Directories and more, you can rest assured your business will be given every opportunity to stand out. Visibility

    3. Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, and Business After Hours

    The Chamber can promote your business whether it is just starting out or when you expand your existing business. An official Ribbon Cutting or Grand Opening sponsored by the Chamber will assure that community and business leaders will know the name of your business. You may even see your business’s Grand Opening or Ribbon Cutting in the local paper! When hosting or attending a Business After Hours, you become connected in a more personal manner to those same business and community leaders.

    4. Credibility

    Being a Chamber Member not only helps establish your company as one with good business practices, but also shows your support for the community. According to a research study by The Schapiro Group, chamber member businesses in the Midwest enjoy a 28% increase in consumer favorability; a 55% increase in consumer awareness; a 53% increase in local reputation; and a 49% increase in likelihood of future patronage.   

    5. Monthly Networking Opportunities

    Lunch & Learns, Business After Hours, Grand Openings, Ribbon Cuttings, and Groundbreakings, and  Annual Special Events are all available for the Chamber member to connect to the community in which they reside. Connecting with the Chamber means connecting to a support system for your business.

    6. Online Job Postings

    One of the biggest foundations of a business rests with its employees. Hiring the right person for the job can make or break a business. The Chamber provides Members a place to post jobs in an easily accessible interface that is sure to connect you with the right people for the job.

  • 7. Abilene Bucks Program

    Did you know that the Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce offers the Abilene Bucks Program, which is designed to foster local spending while promoting Chamber member businesses and organizations.  Here are a few commonly asked questions about the program.

    What are Abilene Bucks?

    Abilene Bucks are checks purchased at face value that make great gifts for customers, employees, family, friends and anyone for whom you are purchasing a gift for.  Abilene Bucks are accepted as cash at all businesses and organizations that are members of the Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce.  The use of Abilene Bucks encourages spending in local merchants, thereby retaining commerce in the community.

    Where can I get Abilene Bucks?

    Abilene Bucks may be purchased at the Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce office in denominations of $10 and $25 at face value with no additional cost.  Abilene Bucks are available to purchase in person at:

    Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce, 201 NW 2nd Street, Abilene, Kansas 67401

    How can my business participate in the Abilene Bucks Program?

    By virtue of Chamber membership, your business may participate in the Abilene Bucks Program at no cost.  Your business will be listed on the Chamber website as a participant and the list accompanies each Abilene Bucks purchase.  This reflects your support for local commerce and is FREE advertising.

    For additional information on the Abilene Bucks Program, contact the Chamber office at: (785) 263-1770 or via email at

  • 8. Community & Government Representation

    Abilene and Dickinson County government value their partnerships with the Chamber. As an individual or a single business, the influence you have over your governing body is limited. By combining your voice with the Chamber's, you become part of a larger group of business professionals, giving you more bargaining power.

    The Chamber will push for policies that benefit established and emerging businesses in our community. Working at all levels of government, the Chamber will dutifully represent all businesses through participation in County and City Commission meetings.

    Not only will the Chamber alert you to policies that affect them on the City and County levels, but we will also be working with State projects. As a member of the Chamber, you will be represented to your government in a way that could take years to be recognized as an individual.

    9. Organizational Business Promotion Opportunities

    Have an event going on that you want the community to know about? The Chamber can help with that. Members are given the opportunity to promote anything your organization does that is related to business or benefits the population on a community level.

    10. Business Referrals

    If you provide a good or service that is in demand by another member of the Chamber we can refer you to them giving you the opportunity to show your stuff. But the benefit does not stop with business to business referrals. Community members often call the Chamber office with inquiries about businesses, goods and services. As a Member, your business will receive the priority referral.

    Discover how an investment in an Abilene Area Chamber of Commerce membership can provide targeted and profitable connections for your business, yourself and your employees!

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