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    Meet Jo
    Why would anyone want to run for public office?
    For Jo’s first 40 years of life, she viewed political problems as someone else’s worries. It was easy to regard issues as out of her reach and her voice too unimportant to be heard. And while she expected others to fix these dilemmas, she was reminded of her mother’s saying: “You can’t complain about things if you are not willing to step up and do something about it.” Since then, Jo became more involved in civic groups and volunteerism. The opportunities to work with others on rebuilding broken systems guided Jo to where she is today. Her aspiration is not to be a career politician but instead an available representative willing to listen to all people.

    Who is Jo Schwartz?
    Jo is a wife, mother, and grandmother and has been a proud citizen of Abilene for 37 years. She is no stranger to hard work. Jo grew up on a farm baling hay and cutting cane and has worked various jobs over the years to support her family. She has worked in healthcare, insurance, social services, education, and farming. Her husband, a retired teacher and principal from Abilene, shares her strong belief that all children and families deserve equal opportunities in life. Being married to an educator, Jo saw firsthand the impact public schools have on families. Additionally, she became more aware of the far-reaching needs in the surrounding community. Jo knows the struggles of working families and is committed to ensuring Kansas is a state that cares for all of its citizens.

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